This Sleepy Town

This sleepy town
Put on this earth
By God
And for what it’s worth
I look on
To tomorrow day
And I even pray
Yet it’s something I wanna see
I even work to make sure that it can be
I try my best
I do make plans
Yet tomorrow is at times
Hard to understand
Still I will work on today
And staying ok

This poem is about life.
I really did enjoy typing it down.

All About Poetry

Poetry is not about rhyme or rhythm.

Poetry is about storytelling in short form.

From 8 lines to a series of pages.

That is a poem.

It can be about anything.

Poetry is a poem stuff.

Anybody can write a poem.

A haku is four lines long.

A poem is about 8 lines long to pages long.

The matter is whether you wanna make some or not.

Still poetry is a art form just like hand writing is a art form.

The more that you write,the more apt you are to improve at it.

Poetry is the same way.

The more poems you write, the more apt you are to improve how you do them.

Poetry is its own art form for us to make and to enjoy daily and nightly.

Highs And Lows

I have traveled
I have come and gone
Weeks have went by
I have seen good times shown
That I could think about
Every now and then
Yet I want to think about them again;

Highs and Lows are what we all know
Highs and Lows happen no matter you go
It could uptown,downhome or even out in the yard
Or even when you’re driving a car
Highs and Lows make us who we are;

We can do things here
We have rights here
Yet at times things can go awry for us in this life
Still things can improve
And maybe they will real soon;

Memories are so special
They stay in the mind
Of the one who has them
So many things
We all have memories somewhere and maybe they’re still around
For us all
Even when we need them now;


What is Peace?

It is doing right,

It is going our way

When others go wrong;


It is being us

When the world tries to change that

And you know that is whack;


It is being us unreserved

For there is no reason to change

Unless you drive me insane;


It is being us unfiltered

For those that trip up

And if they hate it then can go on a muck;


It is being us sanely

For there is no reason to impose

Or else you may have a losers woes;


I gtg because dealing with the pains

Is nothing to gain;


I hate to dwell on regrets,

yet I mostly love that woman and sunsets;


Hope Explained

Hope exists

It does not fail

If Faith is in it happening

All can be well;


Hope is not morbid

Nor does the one morbid need to lose Faith

For Faith can move mountains and problems any day

and there is no lose of chance if you seek God

He can make it happen;


Hope is expecting the best

Even if you have experienced the worst

Even though troubles have been coming to you

Tomorrow can be as good of a day as your first day;


So hope is not vain if it is true

And this world can become more good for me and you;


We can get it

We can have it




We can use it

We can hold it

As much as we want to

On Anyday;


We can go

We can show

And all that can be

Is more than just in our reality;


If we believe we will receive

Yet to the doubter they do not know

Just what may come

Yet if you believe it has begun;


There is no need to fear

Because God is here

He is ready to help you out

Without a doubt now;



My Life Is My Own

I do not have to explain

Nor participate in a game

This path that I chose

Is not something you would suppose;


So here I go

On and on and do

And you won’t change a thing

Even if I choose to sing;


There is no pleasant moments in regrets

Just sorrow and grief

And what will come

If I choose to be me;


I am not a stepping stone,

Yet some things can be

That are worthy of the time

Even if we choose to look and that is fine;


I am not gonna change much of my ways

Except those ways that make me want to regret my days

And if I could go back in time I would make sure they were never done

And so this lesson has been done;

I Can’t Understand It

Still you want my attention and my time

It seems like y’all want me

To go crazy with my mind

Yet that won’t be so

This is how I’m gonna go;


You cannot tell me

How to live my life

Because I won’t listen anytime that you try

To tell me what to do

Do you know who you are responding to;


After all your mind games

I am done with them all

Oh yes I’m done with them all

Oh yes

I shoved them against the wall;


I will not bow down to any of you

That is the truth

And you are not gonna change my mind

And you are not gonna change my way

I deserve more than I get each day;


Hey y’all

I can’t understand it

How and why you hand it to me

Do you get joy from seeing me down?

Are you happy now?;


Oh no

Don’t try to tell me

One liners or what has to be

Oh no

I can find out for myself do you see?;


So you might as well

Give up the act

Of seeming like you give a damn

Oh yes

There it is right there my friend;


No need to try to hide it

Or even deny it

It is plain to see you

Yet by looking at it here

You just want to get me down and how do you like it now?”

Some Things Change And Some Things Stay The Same

We wake up

On the ground know as Earth,

It is land;


Surrounded by seas and oceans

Most understand,

They are so deep

That some have traveled far below

And have found treasures that some never knew could be true;


We gave a right

To go down a path of our own

Without the vices

Without the wrongs;


And anything that we desire can come true

And if you believe it can happen to you

Even though it is only 24 hours and 86,400 seconds in a day

It will all workout anyway;