They are large bodies
of salt water
That are surrounded by land
And their coasts can have sand
There are seven of them
Throughout the world
They flow through and through
They can be rough
And they can be calm
They are ways to travel on
Year after year
And it’s clear


Wherever We May Go

Wherever We May Go
Composed By
James Henry Shelton

Today is a moment
Which may pass like the stream
A still calm flow of water
Observed under
the hot suns heat
Angels watch over the many
That come and go through
The places of the world
Yet time is on your side
Wherever you may go
For God made us all
Like the grass that grows
And he observes us all
Wherever we may go

About the poem:
I completed this poem in 2011
so it is a older poem.


Composed By
James Henry Shelton

He is the Creator
Of all things
Even small
He made it all
And even at night
When one prays
He is listening away
He is the Helper
When we need him to
Even before we have a clue
He is there
Even when we don’t ask a thing
It is written
That he gives a song to sing


Composed By
James Henry Shelton

It is a series of moments
Following one after the other
It is nice to see
What may come
Sunshine or rain
Or anything really
It is something
When good comes your way
And all is ok
During each time you’re awake
And you’re doing what you like
Even at night


Composed By
James Henry Shelton

There are four of them
and winter
Spring is when
things are green
And when things grow
Summer is when it is warmest
And days have blue skies
to view
Autumn is when
the leaves are of a array
Which is ok
And winter is when it snows
And the ground
can be white below


Composed By
James Henry Shelton

Leaves are falling down
Leaves are going to the ground
There’s quite a few
That I knew
Leaves are going in the air
Leaves are going everywhere
There’s more to see
As the wind is blowing
Leaves are falling down
Leaves are going to the ground
There’s more to see
For you and me

The River

It is here and there
It flows through towns
And by living things
That are around
It can be calm or quick
During the days of the week
Even after 24 hours are through
It still can flow too
It can be calm or quick
And when it’s clear
It’s nice to see
And when it sparkles
It does shine
Even during the autumntime
It can flow for hours
Even though it goes over a cliff
It is fine
And you can see it
Flow through lands
And even near rocks
And by sand