This Sleepy Town

This sleepy town
Put on this earth
By God
And for what it’s worth
I look on
To tomorrow day
And I even pray
Yet it’s something I wanna see
I even work to make sure that it can be
I try my best
I do make plans
Yet tomorrow is at times
Hard to understand
Still I will work on today
And staying ok

This poem is about life.
I really did enjoy typing it down.


All About Poetry

Poetry is not about rhyme or rhythm.

Poetry is about storytelling in short form.

From 8 lines to a series of pages.

That is a poem.

It can be about anything.

Poetry is a poem stuff.

Anybody can write a poem.

A haku is four lines long.

A poem is about 8 lines long to pages long.

The matter is whether you wanna make some or not.

Still poetry is a art form just like hand writing is a art form.

The more that you write,the more apt you are to improve at it.

Poetry is the same way.

The more poems you write, the more apt you are to improve how you do them.

Poetry is its own art form for us to make and to enjoy daily and nightly.

Writing Poetry Again

After my hiatus from here,I decided to do another blog post.

I have wrote newer poems.

I revised older poems.

It feels nice just in case I leave this world for any reason.

Lately I have talked with God.

I had some dreams.

I have faith to do a good book.

It being a poetry book.

I doubt doing 365 posts.

I did enough posts for a years viewing.

I regret a lot!?

Most of what I regret was as a lad I wasted time.

If I do reincarnate maybe I will be a male again.

I might do a blog post solely on reincarnation then something else.

At least two more possibly.